Importing Historical Bitcoin Data into NinjaTrader

We’ve created an automatically updating link to download historical BTC data formatted for NinjaTrader.

Using the historical data will allow you to more successfully chart, trade and create trading strategies using NinjaTrader for Bitcoin.  The link can be found here

Note: You will want to make sure that BTC is set in the instrument manager in a way conducive to backtesting.  Open the “Instrument Manager” under the “Tools” bar at the top of the screen.

Search for BTC as shown here:

Click on the EDIT tab and set the tick size to 0.01.  Set the point value to 1,000 and the Margin value to 1.  As seen here:

I am embedding a video with instructions  for importing the data below.


NOTE: When backtesting a strategy, you will want to set the BTC settings in the Historical Data Manager as follows:




Chart Analysis 5-28-14

$BTC (Daily)5_28_2014BTC daily charts continue to be bullish after its break out on the 20th of May. But where do we head next?  Where is the next resistance area?

Areas of support/resistance depend on several factors including previous price levels and indicators.  When price and indicator support/resistance coincide, then we should expect these levels to be stronger. If you look at the chart below then you will find that resistance at the 520-530 range based on both price and the 100 day simple moving average.

We notice the same concurrence at the 640-650 level near the 200 day moving average. I am not suggesting that prices won’t breakout beyond these levels.  However, we should anticipate resistance around at the 200 day simple moving average and the 650 level.

Bitconnector is Here!!!

There are some basic steps to installing Bitconnector and integrating it into NinjaTrader.   Each of these steps are linked with instructions.

PLEASE watch the short videos that will make installing and using BitConnector easy. Each video is about 3 minutes long.   If you have any questions, email us at

Step 1: Download NinjaTrader (download here)

Step 2: Configuring NinjaTrader for Bitconnector

Step 3: Installing Bitconnector

Step 4: Getting Started With Bitconnector

Step 5: Start Trading

In the next post we will cover importing bitstamps historical data into NinjaTrader

Note: If you are installing BitConnector on Windows 8, you will see the following message:


This message is displayed because a code signing certificate has not yet been obtained for BitConnector.  BitConnector is perfectly safe, so please press the More Info button, not the OK button.  You will now see the following screen:


Press the Run anyway button to continue with the installation of BitConnector, per the YouTube video instructions below.


The NinjaTrader Difference

Bitcoin traders are quite familiar with the 500% run from $200 to over $1,000 in the last two months 2013.  They are equally familiar with subsequent decline.   Many bitcoin charts offer realtime charting with a few indicators.  However, there would have been little in the charts to indicate a trend change.

Click on the charts below:

blog 4-22-14(1) blog 4-22-14(2)


These charts represent the price of Bitcoin right before its 50% loss in value.  What is the difference?

The chart on the left is made up of Heikin-Ashi candlesticks.  The one on the right is made up of normal candlesticks.  Heiken-Ashi candlesticks are designed to indicicate trends and possible reversal points.

For example, you will notice that the Heiken-Ashi chart on the left had green candles during the entire run up.    Additionally, it signaled a reversal when 4 out of the last 5 candles were red.   The next day BTC fell to a low of $550.

Professional trading tools allow for professional trading results.  We are introducing Bitconnector for NinjaTrader to offer a professional trading suite.

If you are interested in a public beta please email